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Consulting & Web Design for Women-Owned Businesses

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What is an Innovation Architect?

An Innovation Architect goes beyond consulting. They work with a client from the spark or inception of an idea for a business, all the way to launch. From research to results, whether you need a simple website or brick and mortar storefront, Jacqui is your cheerleader, supporter, and business guide who provides start-up incubation-level guidance on a personal one-on-one scale. Beyond providing expert advice professionally, an innovation architect provides start-up incubation-level guidance on a personal one-on-one scale.

Jacqueline decided to use the title “Innovation Architect” because it encapsulates the scope of what she knew was needed for her clients.

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About Jacqueline Bell

Committed to the Passion Behind the Business


Jacqueline Bell Innovation Architect (JBIA) is the culmination of years of entrepreneurship, women’s empowerment, and feminism in innovation, which came to life in early 2021. Jacqueline’s dream to help women connect to their own confidence and inner boss to turn their passions and talents into a profitable business led her to begin the innovation architecture business.

In the final semester of her senior year at Smith College, where she majored in economics and foreign politics, Jacqueline led a team of 4 women through 3 shark-tank wins, culminating in 7th place of 40 companies in the national Draper Competition for Collegiate Women Entrepreneurs with their online fitness instruction app, FitYes. She loved it so much that she has wanted to work in the start-up field ever since. 

Financial independence continues to be a barrier for women to leave unhealthy relationships and jobs, and by making business ownership more accessible and understandable, we can change one life at a time. 

Jacqueline Bell is based an hour north of Austin, TX, where she lives with her husband, 2 dogs, and kitten. She has a passion for entrepreneurship, travel, home-brewing and helping women become financially independent. She is also the business manager for the New England-based film production company “Off Hand Co”.

For Jacqueline's updated work experience, visit her LinkedIn below. A more detailed resume is available upon request.

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We offer a full-range of innovation design services, and are here to support you as you build your business from the ground up, or help you grow your business post-launch. I would be happy to work with you wherever you are in the business creation process, whether it's one piece of the puzzle or the whole project!

Building the Foundation

What is Your Business Plan?

To build a business or organization from the ground up, it is important to have a strong foundation, including a strong understanding of your purpose and mission. I will help you create a basic business plan and business model that will give you the initial stepping stones to becoming profitable.

Systems Design

Market Research and MVP

Now that you have a business plan, how will you create your product? For this step I will help you discover the most needed version of the product or service you have a passion for (called the minimal viable product/ or MVP). We will figure out how to make money doing what you love.

Launching Your Passion

Networking & Marketing

Let's do it! I will help you launch your business and put your MVP into the world. You have the confidence and resilience to start your business, now you just have to tap into that passion and show people how exciting and important your business truly is!

Grow Your Business

Financial Organization & Analytics

With your business up and running, it is important to remain aware of every dime the business makes and spends. Here I will organize your financial statements and revenue and expense reports, then analyze the company's financial situation to ensure that we grow strategically and fiscally sound with our best foot forward. I will also provide 3 and 5-year projections so that we can set and achieve your monetary goals!

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In my life I have collected a fair share of traumatic experiences, so when I discovered life coaching, I knew I found the right fit. Besides studying for my certification, I had no idea how to even begin making it into a business, but when I met Jacqui, I felt like I was in safe hands. She was genuinely interested in my idea and I felt that she truly wanted me to succeed. The biggest obstacle for me was building my website and business plan -- I was so overwhelmed with everything, but Jacqui made sure to continuously check on my confidence with the business and included me according to my comfort levels. Now I feel ready to put myself out there confidently!

Michaela, Life Coach


If you have any questions or would like to book an introductory appointment, please reach out via the contact form.
I am excited to talk to you about your business and ideas!

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